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Kid’s Art BASH Classes

Kid’s classes begin the week of June 16th and go through August 8th.  Classes are offered by age group.  Please enroll on-line at or call 928-2228, ext. 107. 

Refund Policy: 

A $25 fee will be charged for all refunds.  Refunds will be given up to seven (7) days prior to class or workshop start date.  Thereafter, no refunds will be given.    

Ages 4 – 5:

Beach Bash with Bethany Reid  Jump in the fun of creating fish, crabs, shells and starfish.  Mixed media will add colorful details to drawings, paintings and other creations!

It’s a Jungle Out There! With Bethany Reid  Lions, & tigers & bears, oh my!  We will design a variety of animals using basic shapes and colors.  Join the fun and create your own zoo!

Color My World with Bethany Reid  Discover a world of color through experimenting with watercolors, acrylic paint and sponge painting.  We will learn about warm and cool colors and create bright, colorful art work. 

Can We Build It? with Leslie Anne Tavabella  Let’s build something fun!  We will read about I. M. Pei and Frank Lloyd Wright and design our own buildings from recycled products.  Painting with Legos and miniature construction equipment along with negative color transfer will create drawings of city skylines. 

The Art of Big Trucks and Tractors! With Leslie Anne Tarabella  Tractors, excavators, dump trucks and pick-up trucks will be the subjects of our fun and colorful artwork!  We will draw, sculpt and make rubbings of trucks, tractors and other fun equipment.  Come bring your imaginations and create your own fantasy ride.

Get to Know Picasso with Leslie Anne Tarabella   Join us as we delve into the fun history and importance of Pablo Picasso.  Children will create their own bright and colorful collages, assemblages and paintings using the techniques associated with this famous artist.   


Ages 6 – 8:

Kids Pottery with Maria Spies and Shane Reynolds:  Discover the fun and science of clay!  Every child will spend their class time working with clay and glazes.  They will learn the many shapes and forms clay can take.  Coiling, slab construction and use of the pottery wheel will be used in this class.  One week class. 

The Imaginary Zoo with Art Orr  Inspired by Dr. Suess toys of interchanging funny animal parts, let us create through various medias and materials our own unique invented 2-D and 3-D animals.  Projects will include drawings, paintings, collage and constructions.  Children will learn about drawing, use of color arrangements, and assemblage.   

Let’s Draw! With Mary Lou Nicolai  In this fun filled class, we will learn line and contour drawing and exercise to increase skills at “seeing” what to draw.  Children will be taught basic layout on paper, drawing skills, perspective, proportions and shading.  The class will work together to create a wall mural with skills learned and individual artwork.

Under the Sea with Mary Lou Nicolai  Children will explore the wonderful world of watercolor and create from the deep!  Kids will draw and paint underwater scenes and creatures from the deep!  Come join the fun and get creative. 

Multi-Media Art Extravaganza with Frances Fontaine How many amazing projects can we do in a week?  Let’s start with Repousse masks created from heavy foil that we will embellish with yarn, beads and colorful markers to make them wild and festive.  We will jump into the sea for underwater painting to learn about wax, resist/batik to create beautiful scenes with crayons and tempera.  Last but least… little woven people, fun, fanciful creatures of your own design using yarn, buttons, beads, etc. 

Paper Mache Express with Frances Fontaine  Sharks, Crabs, Jellies, Oh My!  Ever wanted a big bad shark or a beautiful fluorescent jelly to call your own?  Join us for an underwater adventure making anything sea worthy you desire.


Ages 9 – 13:

Creativity and Color with Art Orr  Through drawing, painting and mixed media, children can create with expressive and symbolic color on a 2-D and 3-D surface.  With color mixing, different color effects can be achieved to enhance a simple picture.  Learn simple and basic color mixing that the masters such as Rembrandt, Monet and Picasso did!

Enhance Your Drawing Skills with Mary Lou Nicolia  We will start with basic drawing line and contour exercises and enhance our “seeing” what to draw skills.  We will then work on drawing from photos either brought from home or from clip art.  Students will be taught basic layout on paper, drawing skills, perspective, proportions and shading.

Watercolor Magic with Mary Lou Nicolai  Come learn the basic skills of watercolor painting.  You will be surprised what bright, fun artwork can be created!  We will cover basic washes, glazes, colors:  how to mix them.  Each student will learn to express their individuality and creativity.  We will paint with everything but a brush.  We’ll start with a colorful sunset painting and then work from your favorite photo to work from and learn to paint magically!

Create Like a Caveman with Ron Thomson  At the dawn of time, people created art from beautiful colors they found in nature.  We will do the same!  Local clay, charcoal, berries and food will be the tools for our creations an a variety of materials.  Class will feature expedition to gather pigments. 

“Stealing” from the Masters II with Ron Thomson  What if we borrowed secrets from the greatest masters of art and created something completely new?  This will be a week of playing with the ideas of great artists like Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Modigliani.  Then we will bring them together in unexpected ways!


Acrylics with a SPLASH! with Reanna Watson We will start with a little drawing and then a value study.  Then we’ll add a SPLASH of color to create fun summer artwork.  Come join the fun and create bright, colorful paintings.  

Drawing with Color with Michele TraumDo you love to draw?  Do you love color?  Express yourself with oil pastels!  Young artists blossom with creamy, smooth color that they can smear, blend, dot, over-lap and mix.  They can learn how to hold a stick to achieve different strokes – either as a pencil, clenched in a fist or on its side.  Creativity and interest are enhanced with materials that encourage exploration and expression.  Let the fun and creativity begin! 


Eastern Shore Art Center 401 Oak Ave. Fairhope, AL   
251-928-2228, ext. 107  
Kid’s Art BASH Classes    
Morning,  10:00am - Noon Afternoon, 1:00 - 3:00pm  
Week of June 16    
Ages 6 - 10 Studio 3 J-1 Kids Pottery,  Studio 3  
Week of June 23    
Ages 6 - 10 Studio 3 J-2 Kids Pottery, Studio 3  
Week of July 7    
Class Morning 10:00am - Noon Class Afternoon, 12:30 - 2:30pm  
Ages 4-5 Studio 2 A1 Beach Bash A5 It's a Jungle Out There  
Ages 6-8 Studio 4 A2 Multi- Media Extravaganza A6 Paper Mache Express  
Ages 9-13 Studio 5 A3 Creative Like a Cave Man A7 Acrylics with a SPLASH!  
Pottery Studio 3 A4 Kids Pottery Ages 6 - 9 A8 Kids Pottery Ages 10 - 13  
Week of July 14    
Ages 4-5 Studio 2 B1 Can We Build It? B5 Big Trucks & Heavy Equipment  
Ages 6-8 Studio 4 B2 The Imaginary Zoo B6 Let's Draw!  
Ages 9-13 Studio 5 B3 Watercolor Magic B7 Creativity and Color  
Studio 3 B4 Kids Pottery Ages 6 - 9 B8 Kids Pottery Ages 10 - 13  
Week of July 21    
Ages 4-5 Studio 2 C1 Color My world C5 Beach Bash  
Ages 6-8 Studio 4 C2 Multi-Media Extravaganza C6 Paper Mache Express  
Ages 9-12 Studio 5 C3 "Stealing" from the Masters C7 Acrylics with a SPLASH!  
Clay Studio 3 C4 Kids Pottery Ages 6 - 9 C8 Kids Pottery Ages 10 - 13  
Week of July 28    
Ages 4-5 Studio 2 D1 Get to Know Picasso D5 Can We Build it?  
Ages 6-8 Studio 4 D2 Under the Sea D6 The Imaginary Zoo  
Ages 9-13 Studio 5 D3 Ceativity and Color D7 Enhance Your Drawing Skills  
Studio 3 D4 Kids Pottery Ages 6 - 9 D8 Kids Pottery Ages 10 - 13  
Week of August 4    
Ages 4-5 Studio 2 E1 It's a Jungle Out There E5 Beach Bash  
Ages 6-8 Studio 4 E2 Multi-Media Extravaganza E6 Paper Mache Express  
Ages 9-13 Studio 5 E3 Draw with Color E7 Acrylics with a SPLASH!  
Clay Studio 3 E4 Kids Pottery Ages 6 - 9 E8 Kids Pottery Ages 10 - 13  
Lunch $10  
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Pottery Classes are $70, $65 for Family Member & above.  Art classes are 
$75, $70 for Family Members & above.  PARENTS MUST PROVIDE DAILY SNACK.  
Lunch option is availble if your child is staying all day, $10.  Sack lunch required.


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