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This annual exhibit showcases various works from the members of the Eastern Shore Art Center. This next show is TBA.


Join other artists for coffee, painting and critiquing.  Bring your latest works and paint, draw, sculpt.  Share your works and see what others are working on! To reserve a space, call 251.928.2228 ext.107 or email:

An Exhibit Proposal is required if you are interested in submitting a request to show your artwork in one of our galleries. Send your signed proposal and cd representative of your artwork to Exhibits Committee Chairman, Eastern Shore Art Center, 401 Oak Street, Fairhope, Alabama 36532. Your proposal will be considered by the Exhibition Committee. If accepted, you will be required to submit a signed contract, inventory list and artist's statement. The Proposal form is available HERE.

Once you have been accepted to show, download a contract, inventory list and artist's statement. Send forms to the Exhibits Committee Chairman, Eastern Shore Art Center, 401 Oak Street, Fairhope, Alabama 36532. Your exhibit WILL NOT be put on the Exhibits calendar until the ESAC Exhibit Committee Chairman receives your accepted exhibition forms. Download accepted exhibit forms HERE.

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ESAC will link our Artists' Members' names to their website addresses if provided. This way our visitors can click on your name for more information and additional samples of your artwork. Artists, please provide your website address to: if you want to be included. If you are not listed below, check with to confirm if your Artist's Membership is current. Artist's membership is $60 annually.

Betsy Adams

Pam Aloisa

Susan Alsup

Vicki Armstrong

Judith Aronson

Trudy Backes

Leigh Bancroft

Robert Bantens
Nancy Barry

Pinky Bass

Art Bayer
Sharon Bell

Helen BeVier

Janet Bianco

Judy Bishop

Penne Bond

Kathleen Bosell

Susie Bowman

Tom Bowser

Cheryl Boyce

Kirsten Bradley

Mary Bradshaw

Joanne Brandt

Susan Breitfeller

Kathy Brennan

Julie Brent
Barbara Britton

Adele Brown
Nan Bruce

Mary Bryan

Verna Bryant

Ted Burn

Belinda Butler

Ann Calagaz
Charles and Paula Calhoun

Patricia Cameron
Beatrice André Canning

Frank Caperton, Jr.

Steven Carey

Larry Carmack

Greg Cartmell

Dick Casey

Richard and Barbara Casey

William Caswell

Sharon Chandler

Eebie Cheshire
Russell Christie

Jeanelle Clark

John and Mickey Cleverdon

Robert and claire Clonigner
Hunter Cobb

Ken Cole

Tutta Cone

Michael and Vicky Nix Cook

Sarah M. Cook

bj Cooper

Pat Cooper

Catherine Cope
Barbara Corte

Pat Cotton

Gregg Cunningham

Barbara Curtis

Pat D’Olive
Jack Dailey

Kay Daughdrill

Barry L. Davis

Arlynn DelGreco
Janice DeZeeuw

Donna Dodson

Dee Kruk-Donaldson

Sandra Doyle

Frances Easley
Jolane Edwards

Pat Edwards

Kathleen Elberg
Betty Embry

Michael and Marilyn Evans

Robin Fabel

Michael Fagan

Linda Farris

Charles Faulkner

George Fields
Sabe Fink

Fred Fisher

Tom Fitzgerald
Marilyn Foley

Frances Fontaine

Joanne Fornander
Cheri Forte

Steve Fournier

Suzanne Fox
Dug Frederick
Jim and Dorothy Freeman

Cooper French

Jerry and Kay Friedlander

Sherry Frost

Joe Fulmer

Carol Furman

Veronica Galey

Ashley Gallagher

Frank and Zaidee Galloney

Francesca Gentle

Susan Godwin

VB Corky Goldman

Joan Goodwine

Kathy Sheppard Graham

Christina Granger

Diane Gravat

Ellen Grigg
Gigi Hackford

Jamie Hadden-Langley

Jane Hodges Hamm

Elaine Hanson

Lisa Harrell

Barbara Harris

Bruce and Nancy Henke

Mary Herndon

Melinda Hicks

Georgia Higley

Paul Higley
Joe Hill

John and Mary Hodgkins

James Hood

Ann Hopf

Martha Markline Hopkins

Phyllis Horne
Jim Horner
Sonny Howard

John B. and Stacey Howell

Mary Elise Hubley
Karol Oakley Human
Leigh Ann Hurst

Richard Hurst
Denise Inge

Alyson Jackson

Earl Jackson

Jerry Jackson

Emalee Johnson

Marlene Johnt

Carl E. Jones

Jan Jones

Kathy Jones

Kim Jovings

Suzanne and Pat Juneau
Satomi Kamei

Laurie Kaufman

GS Khalsa

Diane King

Rick Kingrea
Beverly Klyce

Jean and David Knizley

Anna Koch

Ellen Majors Lacy

Bruce Larsen

Jim Laugelli

Jim Laughner

Jean Lawrence
Frank Ledbetter

Robert Legg

Martin Lester

Gaye Lindsey

Lydia Loftis

Mary Lucas
Bekki Ludlam

Deanna Luke

Emilee Lyons

Julie Main

Becky Majors

Becky Makla

Robert and Ellen Maldonado

Kirsten Leigh Mallon
Mark  Manuel

Fred Marchman

Karin Marrero

Libby McCawley

Linda McCullough

John B.McDonald
Judy McFee

Shirley McGhee

Jean McKee

Suzanne McKee

Gillie McLean

Jill McLemore

Benita Hatfield McNider

Patricia McPherson

Mary Kathryn Metzger
Arch Middleton

Heather Mitchell

Gary and Kathy Moore

Dawson Morgan

Angela Morgan

William Morris

Paul and Dale Mozley

Claudia Mullins

Frances E. Mutchnick


Barbara Nasser

Fran Neumann

Carolyn Newcomer

David Nicholson

Derek Norman

Jasmine Marie O'Connor

Donna Och

Judy Oxford

Geza Papp

Brenda Parnell

Terry Passman

Jo Patton

Syble Michelle Pennington
Michelle Vezina Peterlin

Gerlinda and Walter Pinson

Ruth Pratt

Shell Prosser
Nancy Raia
Corinne Ramming

Mary Anterton Renfroe
Emily Revere

Erin Revere
Patrick and Julie Reynolds

Candi Richards

Gail Dreas Richards

Roger Richardson
Steve Ricker

Paul Ring

Jackie Roberson

Carolyn Roberts
Karen Roloson
Eleanor Ross

Bette Runnels

Vincent Russo

Carol Sailor

Valorie Sams

Baba Scaturro

Mary Ann Schaff

Elizabeth Scott

Janie Seal

Gene and Jane Sellier

Susan Shafer
Joe Sheffield
Linda Sheron

Irene Shetler
Joyce Shields

Tricia Shure

Ouida Sides
Diane Lynn Siefert
Laurie Sikorowski

Larry Sims

Angelynn Smith
Linda Lee Smith

Debby Sneed

Phyllis Springen

Marci Stanley

G. Barker and Susan Stein, Jr.

Sharon Stephens

Zinaida Stirbu
Mary Streu

Neva Strong

Susan N, McCollough Gallery

Richard and Marjorie Swann
Cathe Tappan

John Taylor

Linda Theobald

Barbara Thomas
Laura R. Thomas

John and Nancy Thompson

Ron Thomson

Celia Thornton

Michele Traum

Jane Tucker

Melvin Turner
Rex Turner

Dr. Beverly M. Villafana

Pallavia Vira

Carolyn Wagner
Colette Waite

Susie Wallace

Kim Ware

Peg Weatherly

David Wetzel

Linda White

Mark Will

Wayne Williams

Skip Wilson

Beth Winn

Bill Wismar
Maria Wood

Suzanne Wright

Sory Yager




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