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The Artists' Forum is open to all ESAC Artist members and higher membership levels.
The purpose of the Artists' Forum is to:
•  Provide on-going learning and education for our artists
•  Provide additional venues to market the artists' work
•  Provide social networking opportunities for our artists
PROGRAM: The Artists' Forum will meet TBA.  Guest speaker TBA.  Artists attending the meeting may bring up to two (2) original pieces of art, no larger than 30" in any direction, to submit for consideration for the "Artist of the Forum". Artists in attendance at the meeting will review the artwork and vote for the winners in the Emerging and Professional Artists' categories. The winners will be able to showcase their artwork at Brown Financial. For more information call 251.928.2228 ext.107 or email:


This annual exhibit showcases various works from the members of the Eastern Shore Art Center. This show coincides with the annual Outdoor Art Show in March of each year.


Join other artists for coffee, painting and critiquing.  Bring your latest works and paint, draw, sculpt.  Share your works and see what others are working on! To reserve a space, call 251.928.2228 ext.107 or email:

An Exhibit Proposal is required if you are interested in submitting a request to show your artwork in one of our galleries. Send your signed proposal and cd representative of your artwork to Exhibits Committee Chairman, Eastern Shore Art Center, 401 Oak Street, Fairhope, Alabama 36532. Your proposal will be considered by the Exhibition Committee. If accepted, you will be required to submit a signed contract, inventory list and artist's statement. The Proposal form is available HERE.

Once you have been accepted to show, download a contract, inventory list and artist's statement. Send forms to the Exhibits Committee Chairman, Eastern Shore Art Center, 401 Oak Street, Fairhope, Alabama 36532. Your exhibit WILL NOT be put on the Exhibits calendar until the ESAC Exhibit Committee Chairman receives your accepted exhibition forms. Download accepted exhibit forms HERE.

Art fair listings, craft show listings, and festival listings for the 600 top-selling events with detailed critiques and sales-based ratings. AFSB is the ultimate guide to juried art and craft shows nationwide! It now includes hundreds of additional unrated shows. For more information and listings click HERE.

ESAC will link our Artists' Members' names to their website addresses if provided. This way our visitors can click on your name for more information and additional samples of your artwork. Artists, please provide your website address to: if you want to be included.If you are not listed below, check with to confirm if your Artist's Membership is current. Artist's membership is $60 annually.

Susan Acree
Betsy Adams
Claudia Ainsworth
Vicki Armstrong
Jeanne and Larry Ayres

Trudy Backes

Linne Baird

Dianne Balch

Robert Bantens
Art Bayer
Sharon Bell

Joy Belmont

Edie LaMotte Berner

Karen Bicknell
Margaret Biggs
Diane Billingsley-Floyd

Judy Bishop
Amy Bolt

Penny Bond

Kathleen Bosell
Joyce and Michael Bowers

Jimmy Boyd

Kirsten Bradley
Mary Bradshaw

Joanne Brandt

Susan Breitfeller
Barbara Britton
Nan Bruce

Gayle S. Buck
Belinda Butler
Charles and Paula Calhoun
Beatrice André Canning

Frank Caperton, Jr.

Derek and Jane Capsis
Steven Carey

Larry Carmack

Beth Carrier

Dick Casey

Barbara Casey
Donald and Ingrid Cheney
Eebie Cheshire
Suzan Christensen
Russell Christie

John and Mickey Cleverdon
Robert Cloninger
William Colburn, Jr.
Marsha Cole

Syndi Conrad
Pat Cooper
Susan Corbin
Barbara Curtis

Pat D’Olive
Jack Dailey

Laurel Darnall

Kay Daughdrill

Vikki Day
Krysta Denzer
Janice DeZeeuw

Lolita Dickinson

Donna Dodson
Regina and Benno Doi

Dee Kruk-Donaldson
Debbie Dowdle

Sandra Doyle
Jessica Dubose

Jolane Edwards
Patsy Edwards
Debbie Ellis
Patricia Ernst

Michael Fagan

Linda Farris

Barbara Faulkner

Gerlinda Feagan

Jaky Felix
Sabe Fink
Jerome Fisher

Tom Fitzgerald
Lyn Fogarty
Marilyn Foley

Frances Fontaine
Cheri Forte
Vicki Foster

Steve Fournier
Lia Frederick
Jim and Dorothy Freeman

Kay Friedlander

Sherry Frost

Ben Gall
Judy Gardiner

Lloyd Gardner

Isie Gerard

Lou Golding

Billie and Russell Goodloe, Jr.

Judith Goolsby

Kathy Sheppard Graham

Christina Granger

Ellen Grigg

Rosemary Greene
Gigi Hackford

Jamie Hadden-Langley
Billy Hammell

Clyde Hannah

Heinrich and Nancy Hanrath

Elaine Hanson

Lisa Harrell

Barbara Harris
Rebecca Havard

Linda Hendon

Melinda Hicks

Georgia Higley
Cheryl Hill
Joe Hill
Janet Hinton

Claudia Hodges

Lee Holmes
James Hood

Ann Hopf
Debra Hornady
Sonny Howard
Stacey and John B. Howell
Karol Oakley Human
Leigh Ann Hurst
Denise Inge
Betty Ivy

Paul James
Elise Johns
Emalee Johnson
Tara Johnson

Jan Jones
Sue Jones
Thomas Jordan

Suzanne and Pat Juneau
Satomi Kamei

Laurie Kaufman

Patrick and Therese Kenny

Bri Kestler

GS Khalsa

Rick Kingrea
Sueli Kiyan
Beverly Klyce
Jan Lackey

Ellen Majors Lacy
Patricia Laraway
Bruce Larsen

Jim Laugelli
Frank Ledbetter

Linda Ledet

Michelle Leech
Alex Lilly

Gaye Lindsey

Walter and Mary Lou Linne

Lydia Loftis

Mary Lucas
Bekki Ludlam

Becky Majors
Marcia Manuel

Fred Marchman
Pat Marion

Karin Marrero
Julia “JJ” Marshall
David and Eleanora Mauritson

Libby McCawley

Peggy McClelland
Lauren McCrory

Ann McCue
Linda McCullough

Jean-Marie McDonnell
Judy McFee

Shirley McGhee

Deborah McGreevy
Suzanne McKee

Benita McNider

Mary Kathryn Metzger
Arch Middleton
Heather Mitchell

Angela Morgan

Dean Mosher
Paul and Dale Mozley


Fran Neumann

Carolyn Newcomer
Aline Nicholson
Marie Nickerson

Donna Och

Josephine Owen

Judy Oxford

Karen Parks
Brenda Parnell
Dr. Terry Passman
Charlotte Pate

Jo Patton
Ann Pearce
Erin Pecot
James and Rombye Perry

Thomas pterson

Ruth Phinney

Carol Pittman

Roger and Renae Poer

Susan Poirier

Dustin Porta

Shell Prosser
Nancy Raia
Corinne Ramming

Gila Rayberg

Mary Anterton Renfroe
Emily Revere
Patrick and Julie Reynolds
Steven Riggs

Jim Rivers
Jewell Turner Roach
Karen Roloson
Eleanor Ross

Sarah Rouzie

Allan Rowe
Rebecca Ruhland
Kathleen Ryan
Stephen Savage
Baba Scaturro

Jim and Pat Scott
Russell and Marcia Howay Scott
Julie Seidell

Gene and Jane Sellier
Brian Sheffield

Joe Sheffield
Linda Sheron
Joyce Shields

Jeff Shimizu
Ouida Sides
Diane Lynn Siefert
Laurie Sikorowski

Nicole Marshall Simms
Georigia Sims

Larry Sims

Angelynn Smith
Opal Smith
Linda Lee Smith
Louise Smith
Melissa and Tom Smith

Nikki Smokey-Landau

Maria Spies
Adele and Tom Stafford
Evan and Marci Stanley

Carmelita Starr

Sharon Stephens

Bill Stewart
Zinaida Stirbu
Mary Streu
Elizabeth Styron

Richard and Marjorie Swann
Cathe Tappan

Pat Powell Taylor
Nancy Tebo
Laura R. Thomas

Jeanne Thompson

Ron Thomson
Celia Thornton

Robert Trammell
Michele Traum

Jane Tucker

Kathleen Tucker
Rex Turner
Sandy Valentine

Deborah Valle

Sheri Vanche

Sherrie Venghaus

Carolyn Wagner
Colette Waite
Susie Wallace

Kim Ware

Celia Waters
Peg Weatherly
Anne Webb

B'Beth Weldon
David Wetzel

Joy Willard

Patty and Larry Willcutt
Karen Williams
Kimberly Wilson

David and Gwen Wood

Ana Worthey




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